“Just for you” Year 1, edition 3 (Feb. 4, 2020)

Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. 2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and the flood sweeps over me. 3 I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched. My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God

Psalm 69:1-3

Greetings friends,

If you are anything like me, there was probably a time when we were young when a big birthday, or a special day like Christmas was drawing near, or perhaps a family vacation was “just around the bend,” and we could hardly contain ourselves waiting in anticipation for the event! Those who guided us and loved us would tell us to be patient; but every fiber of our body was filled with excitement over the anticipated event! Do you remember?

Now, you and I live in a world that gives us the opportunity to have nearly instant access to information! Never has there been a time that news from around the globe reaches our ears in almost the same instant that the news is occurring. With radio, television, and the information “explosion” which is the world wide web, we live in a time of unparalleled immediate information. And so, it is quite normal that when many of us have questions or desire to receive information we can almost have instant gratification.

Yet, when we read the words of the psalmist (above} we know that feeling of despairing while waiting. Our minds wonder to the worst possible scenario when a doctor shares with us that “something” showed up on a routine test and more testing is required. Our fears crash in upon us when a child or grandchild is not somewhere that we expect them to be at the time they are supposed to be there. We are being pressed to make life changing decisions and yet we are still waiting for input from professionals in order to make the best decision we can.

The same is true about our prayers to God. We pray for guidance, we pray for knowledge, we pray for wisdom on a specific subject and the answer from the Lord seems to be delayed! “My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God.”

Today I share with you that you are not alone in your frustration of waiting for God’s response. It would seem, as Holy Scripture continually indicates, that people have been “waiting” for God’s responses since the beginning of time!

The “tried and true” response to our frustration in waiting for God has always been; “All in God’s time,” “we have to be more patient,” or “we have to open our eyes and our hearts to allow God to speak,” or “we need to see or hear God’s response in ways that we don’t expect.” The truth is that we know that we are God’s beloved children. We know that God hears all our prayers. We know that God answers prayers. So, we understand that while all these axioms are sure and true… sometimes they simply don’t seem to help our immediate desire for guidance.

Here is a thought from one child of God to another. When I find myself longing for guidance from God, I look for God where the Lord promises to be present. I look for God in our community of faith, for whenever two or more gather in God’s name… there too is God. I seek God in the waters, I dip my fingers in a baptismal font, I splash water on my face, I allow myself to dance in the rain, and I know that God is washing me. I search for God’s guidance in reading Holy Scripture and yes… I slow myself down in a peaceful setting and allow myself to be enveloped in God’s loving arms. Many times, these methods seem to help bring clarity to my situation… but other times…. “my eyes grow dim waiting.” But then… I am reminded that at least I am not alone in my waiting, for there is a plethora of God’s children waiting with me. At least I am not alone in my waiting, for our God waits with me and beside me.

This week, I am really wondering, have any of you found a method or a way in which you can encourage a “quicker response” from our God? I wonder for example if being in more intentional fellowship with other disciples and allowing yourself to voice your concerns and questions about guidance from God help in the process of waiting? I wonder, how you feel about this topic… do you resign yourself to the waiting process or do you willingly accept that waiting is simply part of our reality. I look forward to your thoughts. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Peace for now,



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