This is it! The end to Hairy's UPG adventures (for now)!



It was RANDALL! 

Randall, who was always making foghorn sounds during church! Randall, who threw a pie in Hairy’s face and burned his cottontail. Randall, who had never been the same after getting caught stealing sprinkles.

Everyone gasped. Sally laughed. Randall blushed.

“You!” the Eggquisition all cried in unison.

“Yeah, me,” Randall replied, “What of it?”

“But you’re never nice to anyone,” Peyton blurted out before she could stop herself.

“Maybe that’s the point,” Squidy said quietly.

“I’m sick of having to be rude all the time,” Randall confessed angrily. “Everyone started judging me and calling me bad. After a while I figured I’d believe them! But I’m not falling for that anymore. I get to decide who I am, and I decide I’m a good guy!”

“You are a good guy,” Camryn said. “I’m sorry we judged you.”

Everyone in the Eggquisition agreed.

“I’m still confused,” Beth said. “Why did you hide the eggs?”

“Who doesn’t like Easter eggs?” Jonathan replied. “He was trying to cheer us all up while we’ve been stuck at home.”

“You definitely cheered me up,” Sally said happily.

“And you kept us busy solving your mystery,” Peyton added.

“Too bad we’re all social distancing,” Squid said, “I’d say you deserve a group hug!”

“How about an air five instead?” Paige asked. Everyone gave Randall air fives, and they all ran off to play another round of Find It.

Just like that, the mystery of the errant egg hider had been put to rest.


What’s left to tell? A careful reader would know Mr. Tooldolf is still out there, making himself miserable by making kids miserable. But Sally and Randall, I am happy to report, have only grown happier and kinder since the day of our story. Mr. Tooldolf will have to be dealt with another time.

I’m sure you know Hairy couldn’t stay with us forever. He’s not just the Easter bunny of the UPG; he’s the Easter bunny of the whole world!

If we were living in normler times, we would have hosted a huge going away party for Hairy. Mrs. Terry would have arranged for games and gifts. The Eggquisition would have prepared a dramatic reenactment of their egg hunting adventures. Mrs. Rosemary and the Eltritches would have given Hairy big goodbye hugs, and the Ritchies would have played a farewell ode with a ripping guitar solo.

But Hairy, like all bunnies, is shy. He never told us when he was leaving. One day I woke up to find he had simply hopped away.

What do you do when you have to say goodbye to someone? I think of the apostles. They thought they’d never see Jesus again when he died. But the Easter story proclaims Jesus returned, and when he left a second time, the apostles knew he’d be back again. In fact, even when Jesus was gone, the apostle knew he was still there.

So I wouldn’t be too concerned about saying goodbye to Hairy. He tries his best to live out the Easter story. He’s a rabbit with a habit of showing up when you least suspect him!


Join us soon for our new youth series: "Sketchbook of the Saints"!


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