This is it! The end to Hairy's UPG adventures (for now)!


It was RANDALL! 

Randall, who was always making foghorn sounds during church! Randall, who threw a pie in Hairy’s face and burned his cottontail. Randall, who had never been the same after getting caught stealing sprinkles.

Everyone gasped. Sally laughed. Randall blushed.

“You!” the Eggquisition all cried in unison.

“Yeah, me,” Randall replied, “What of it?”

“But you’re never nice to anyone,” Peyton blurted out before she could stop herself.

“Maybe that’s the point,” Squidy said quietly.

“I’m sick of having to be rude all the time,” Randall confessed angrily. “Everyone started judging me and calling me bad. After a while I figured I’d believe them! But I’m not falling for that anymore. I get to decide who I am, and I decide I’m a good guy!”

“You are a good guy,” Camryn said. “I’m sorry we judged you.”

Everyone in the Eggquisition agreed.