The Escapades of Hairy the Hare (Easter Bunny, Esq)

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Our new youth series is an episodic adventure featuring the Easter Bunny's visit to the UPG! Input and ideas from the comments section will determine the future of Hairy's adventures! Make sure to add your thoughts in the comments.

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CHAPTER ONE! The Hare Hairy

 “Truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

- Matthew 18:19-20

Did you know the Easter Bunny is Lutheran?

It’s true!

Way back when, over three hundred years ago, a community very much like ours decided they needed a new way to show Christ’s love to their daughters and sons. That’s when Georg (the local rabbit farmer) introduced the churchgoers to Hairy, his prized hare.

Hairy the hare was six feet tall from bunny ear to bunny foot. He was all white with a great big bunny tail and long white bunny whiskers. “Everyone loves bunnies!” Georg explained. “And for as long as any of us can remember, bunnies have symbolized new life! Isn’t that what Easter’s about?”

The community all agreed on that.

 “Best of all,” Georg continued, “this hare wasn’t raised by other hares… he was raised by chickens!”

The community gasped in awe. They had never heard of a bunny raised by chickens before. (And I’m guessing you haven’t either!)

“Everyone knows chickens and eggs symbolize new life, too!” Handel (the local chicken farmer) exclaimed from the crowd.

SO! A new tradition was born.

Every year since then Hairy has traveled from church to church sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. And wouldn’t you know it? This year Hairy chose to visit the UPG!

Bad news for us, though, huh? Hairy showed up at our Light of Christ campus last Sunday with his big basket of colored eggs! He walked straight through the front door (for everyone knows locks don’t work on bunnies) and was expecting the church to be filled with new friends to make.

But no one was home!

Hairy hopped upstairs to the Sunday School. He thought the rooms would be filled with students singing and playing and reading scripture. 

But there wasn’t a single kid to be found!

Finally, Hairy heard a noise in another room, and he hopped along until he found Mrs. Terry (Yes, OUR Mrs. Terry!). Mrs. Terry was sadly packing away leftover snacks and crafts. When she saw Hairy a big smile grew on her face.

“Hairy, you’ve made it!” Mrs. Terry said with joy, but Hairy only looked about and raised his hands as if to say, “Well, where is everybody?”

Mrs. Terry, of course, speaks Bunneese (she was the one who arranged for Hairy to visit, after all!) and so she understood what he meant immediately. “It’s terrible news, Hairy,” Mrs. Terry said, shaking her head. “We have to cancel Sunday School until further notice.”

Hairy hopped so frantically his big ears almost hit the ceiling. Mrs. Terry rushed to explain, “there is a terrible virus that is making everyone ill, so all the children are helping the community by staying home. It’s called ‘social distancing’. Have you heard of it?”

Hairy tapped his foot and put a finger to his whiskers.

“No, I guess you haven’t,” Mrs. Terry said glumly. “It’s new. Everyone is teaching each other about it on the internet.”

Hairy held up his big furry paws.

“Yes, I know,” Mrs. Terry assured the hare. “Bunnies can’t use iPhones. Good thing I’m here to tell you the tips.”

Mrs. Terry explained that the best way to keep everyone in our church community safe was to:

  1. Stay home! So we don’t spread germs. “This is a great time to spend with family,” Mrs. Terry explained. “It’s also a good time to read a book you’ve always wanted to read or watch a show you’ve always wanted to watch!”

  2. Reach Out! So we don’t feel alone.  “Since we shouldn’t see each other in person,” Mrs. Terry explained, “it’s important for everyone to keep in touch with their friends and family through texting and phone and video calls. Now’s a perfect time to connect with your third cousin twice removed, or your penpal you’ve been meaning to write to!”

  3. Be Nice! So our parents don’t sell us to the zoo. “I know this is new to the children,” Mrs. Terry explained, “but the truth is none of us have experienced anything like this. When we stay inside too long it’s easy to become grumpy or pent up. Grumpiness spreads! But so does kindness. Thinking of how our actions affect others is very important right now. That’s what this whole adventure is about!”

Hairy was glad for the lesson, but he was still feeling very down. He wouldn’t be able to spend any time with the people of the UPG. He wanted to go to Sunday School and bible study and quilters club and pub theology and all the other cool things the people of the UPG do every week. But now it looked like his plan was ruined.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, Mrs. Terry let out a shout and started hopping up and down with so much excitement you’d almost think she was a bunny!

“But Hairy!” Mrs. Terry said, so excited she could barely get the words out, “I’ve had a wonderful idea! I just remembered… none of these rules should apply to you! You’re a bunny!”

Hairy jumped in the air too! He didn’t know exactly where Mrs. Terry was going, but he knew it was wise to always trust her (as I’m sure you know already!)

You can visit with anyone you want!” Mrs. Terry explained. “You can check in with all the loved ones of our church, and keep them company, play games with them, pray with them, and spread the Good News!”

Hairy liked this idea very, very much. He was almost out the door before he realized he didn’t know anyone in the congregation!

“I’ll help you,” Mrs. Terry said kindly. “I’ll make a long list of all the people you’ll have to meet in the UPG.”

And that’s exactly what she did!

Make sure to check back for the next chapter on Friday!


Who do YOU think Hairy should visit?

What ways can he help our community and spread the good news? 

What do you think Jesus meant when he said: “Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”? How does this verse relate to the story?

POST your answers below and we’ll incorporate your thoughts and ideas into the next episodes!


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