Seeking God!

Thursday May 21, 2020

Rev. Jerry Kulp

The Lord looks down from heaven on humankind to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God.

Psalm 14:2

Greetings my friends!

Sometimes certain passages of Holy Scripture simply “stay with me.” The words float around my mind, occupy my thoughts, and open my heart and eyes to “seek” what God is trying to share. Such is the case when two weeks ago I wrote about Jesus telling us not to worry but to “seek the kingdom of God and live righteously.”

Yesterday, as I was praying the psalms I happened across the above cited passage. “The Lord looks down from heaven on humankind to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God.”

In my thoughts I pondered if when we enter our weekly worship celebrations we are truly “seeking after God.” I know. It seems silly right? Why else would we participate in worship if we were not seeking God?

In my time as an ordained pastor, I have come to realize that not all come to worship to “seek” God. Some come to worship out of a simple sense of obligation. Some come to worship simply because they are told they must come. Some come to worship because “that’s just what they do.” Some come to worship for respite. Some come to be entertained. Some come to worship out of curiosity. I guess I might claim that everyone who comes to worship the Lord, comes for their own unique reason.

Yet, my friends, regardless of why we come to worship, the hope and prayers of your pastor is that ultimately during the worship you would “seek” after God. In my humble opinion, to “seek” after God means to “keep on the watch for what God is doing within our midst.” In these days of social distancing and live streaming it is easy to get distracted with the pastor’s hair which is out of place, the candle that isn’t lit, the parament that is off center and miss the substance of the message God is hoping to share.

How do we “seek” God in our worship?

Perhaps we can create “holy space” in our viewing area. Create a “home altar”, place items in your sight that inspire you and make you think about God. Perhaps, we can “seek” God by singing at the top of our voices as if no one is listening, because guess what? Only the people in your house can hear you right now! Perhaps, we can “seek” God in worship, by really focusing on our prayers and praying along with the pastors. Perhaps you have found some special ways in which you “seek” God during our shared worship times that others would find helpful.

Remember; God is watching and is delighted when we “seek” God. Let’s put a BIG SMILE on the Lord’s face when we are seen in worship!

For now!

Keep trusting God, washing those hands, and being at peace!



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