Salt and Light Journal!

During our worship celebrations, together we heard that Jesus says "you ARE light", "you ARE salt!" I would like to use this blog for each person reading the opportunity to see how wonderfully God continues to work within our world. Please share based on these two questions:

1. Where specifically did you witness God working through the actions of a fellow human being (today, this week, recently... ).

2. How has God used YOU as a vessel to share God's love with the world (today, this week, recently... ).

In responding to these two questions, please do not feel the need to only share times and events that change the course of the world (i.e. someone figured out how to get food to all the starving people in the world) rather, think about times and places when God's grace was abundantly present to a child of God who was looking (i.e. someone cuts you off on the highway and you respond with a smile instead of an angry gesture.)

My hope and prayer is that this log will become a living testimony to God's children witnessing God's abundant grace in this world.

Remember my friends: "YOU ARE LIGHT!" "YOU ARE SALT!"


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