Rain down like pennies

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

by Pastor Suzanne

As I write this reflection, we are experiencing summer-like weather and it is good. There are people making sure that every vote is counted, and it is good. Others are looking for ways to unite us and bridge the divide that has occurred in our country, and it is good. One of the large pharmaceutical companies has announced that their vaccine is approaching 90% effectiveness in ongoing trials, and it is good.

When things look the darkest it amazes me how God shines through. God is good! All the time! Thanks to my brother’s influence I am a big country music fan, and there is currently a song playing that speaks volumes to me. It is sung by Mickey Guyton, and it is “Heaven Down Here.” She wrote it during the pandemic, the riots, the political divide and all the other craziness going on in our world.

The first verse of the song and the chorus are below.

Heaven Down Here

Hey God, it’s me, I hate to be a bother, but I could use a minute or two

Yeah, I’m just so heartbroken, disappointed, in the way this world is coming unglued

And I can’t help but wonder are you

If you got a little love left in your back pocket rain it down like pennies

In this wishing well of tears, I know that you’re busy, but if you hear me talking

We could use a little more heaven down here, we could use a little more heaven down here

I encourage you to listen to this song, it is beautiful and reminds us that God is always listening, always present, and always shining in our world. It the midst of the darkness there is always light that shines through. We are never alone, instead we are always wrapped in God’s loving arms and care. I know that many are feeling the darkness of the shorter days, the darkness of social and physical isolation, and the lack of the ability to gather as we normally would for church, for holidays, and for other activities. Yet God is present and wiping our tears. In the midst of all the struggles and separation in our lives, God has promised to be present with us. There is good news, positive things are happening, not as fast as we would like, and still if we look, we find God. We find good, we find light, we find each other.

Know that I keep you in my prayers and I hope you keep all of us in your prayers. God is present, listening, and sending good things to us. Rejoice and be grateful and stay the course. God is Good, All the Time.

In Peace,

Pastor Suzanne


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