It's Time!

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Greetings my friends!

How fondly I remember the days of my youth! The picture above is taken at my Uncle Bob’s bungalow. Several times a year the four “Hess children (Uncle Bob, Aunt Ruth, my mom, Aunt Mary Lou) their spouses and their children would head out to Uncle Bob’s bungalow! We would celebrate Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day at this “little slice of heaven.”

The days were mostly the same; games, followed by a softball game with the “grownups”, followed by more games, followed by a picnic supper, followed by the famous watermelon seed spitting contest…. You get the drift. These days were a blast. I am sure that there must have been times when I was at one of these days and was in a bad mood or some tragedy occurred with one of my many cousins… but as I look back…. I simply cannot remember any bad memories from this bungalow.

What is more is that as much as I enjoyed those times at Uncle Bob’s bungalow there is no way, no how, that I can go back in time to recreate those days. No matter how much I may desire to return to a day when the most difficult decision of my day was whether or not I would have Aunt Ruth’s chocolate cake or Aunt Anne’s cookies for desert at dinner is gone forever. That is the way time is. For time continually moves forward.

Each moment in time becomes like a thread that weaves its way through the fabric of what becomes our life. We can “re-member (put together pieces)” of our past… but alas we can not re-live our past or even re-create our past simply because it is our past.

The global pandemic is now over six months in duration. In some ways it feels to me that time has temporarily “stalled.” Yet I know this is not true. Every day that has occurred since the pandemic has commenced has carried with it its own memories, its own threads that have been woven into our collective lives. Within those threads there are good memories and yes there are memories that have challenged us, but the threads of these days are now woven into our collective lives.

Today I simply want to share what seems obvious and inherent. As mortal humans in our current capacities, we can only move forward through time, never backwards. We simply do not have the ability to “go back in time” to a day when our sanctuaries were “filled to the brim.” We simply do not have the ability to “go back in time” when over 70% of the families in our country attended worship/Sunday school on a weekly basis. We simply do not have the ability to even “go back in time” to the day that Bishop Zeiser joined us at worship in a grand celebration of his ministry in February.

So, what are we to do? How does God desire us to live?

In my humble opinion our Lord desires that we relish the love, the opportunities, the glory of each moment of time in our daily lives! I believe that our Lord is hopeful that we will see the many blessings of each day and that we will share the love of God with those who are living in the same time and places that we are living. I believe that our Lord desires that we recall the many threads in our life and can see how those very threads have helped form and shape us into the people we are today in this moment. Children of God who have been touched by the Divine, formed and shaped in this world, and loved and accepted through eternity by the One Who created each one of us!

Isn’t it simply amazing? The God Who formed and fashioned the galaxies, the grandeur of the great mountains, the wonderful streams and valley’s and all the animals that share this world with us. Yes God… thought that each one of us was necessary and important to join the tapestry of life in this time.

What an incredible time we are part of!

Keep trusting that God will see us through this time, keep washing those hands, and be at peace my fellow time travelers!



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