Hairy the Hare and Sad Sally!



“Suppose you see a sibling who has no food or clothing and you say: “Goodbye and have a good day! Stay warm! Eat well!” But then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?”

- James 2:15-16

Hairy and his team were in another rousing meeting of the Eggquisition! The kids were hard at work reviewing clues and pondering suspects.

To Hairy’s dismay, the mysterious egg hider did not stop after Easter. In fact, there were more eggs being found everyday!

“Jonathan and Beth are excellent egg finders,” Squidy reported to Hairy. “We’ll get these illicit eggs off the street as soon as they’re hid!”

“And we’ve been recording where all the eggs were found,” Peyton added. “We’ve noticed there are more eggs hid in certain neighborhoods than others.”

“I’m investigating who lives in those neighborhoods,” Paige explained, “that way we can come up with a good list of suspects to investigate.”

“We’ll crack this case together!” Beth exclaimed.

Then the newest members of Hairy’s team chimed in. “I know it’s off topic,” Camryn said, “but I have another case that needs the Eggquisition’s help!”