Hairy the Hare and Sad Sally!



“Suppose you see a sibling who has no food or clothing and you say: “Goodbye and have a good day! Stay warm! Eat well!” But then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?”

- James 2:15-16

Hairy and his team were in another rousing meeting of the Eggquisition! The kids were hard at work reviewing clues and pondering suspects.

To Hairy’s dismay, the mysterious egg hider did not stop after Easter. In fact, there were more eggs being found everyday!

“Jonathan and Beth are excellent egg finders,” Squidy reported to Hairy. “We’ll get these illicit eggs off the street as soon as they’re hid!”

“And we’ve been recording where all the eggs were found,” Peyton added. “We’ve noticed there are more eggs hid in certain neighborhoods than others.”

“I’m investigating who lives in those neighborhoods,” Paige explained, “that way we can come up with a good list of suspects to investigate.”

“We’ll crack this case together!” Beth exclaimed.

Then the newest members of Hairy’s team chimed in. “I know it’s off topic,” Camryn said, “but I have another case that needs the Eggquisition’s help!”

“It’s about Sally,” Alonzo said. “You know… Sad Sally.”

Do you know Sad Sally? She’s a young girl about, oh, your age, who’s always sniffling in the back of church and moping in the corner at Sunday school. 

“Sally isn’t really sad all the time,” Paige said.

“That’s right,” Peyton said, “She’s just shy.”

“And sensitive!” Morgan added.

“That’s the problem,” Alonzo said. “Right now, Sally really is sad.”

“She hates being stuck inside all day,” Beth continued.

“She’s a runner, like me,” Jonathan explained, “she needs to be free.”

Hairy thought all this over. He knew a lot of people were tired of being stuck inside all the time. It was hard discipline not to go out and do the things you like.

“It’s alright to be sad sometimes,” Morgan mused. “Do you remember what Pastor Sue said on Easter? If you wake up sad, give yourself a Pity Party!” “Pity Party!” the Sisters exclaimed.

“We love pity parties,” Paige said, “we have them even when we’re happy!”

“When I want to cheer myself up, I count my blessings,” Squidy said. “That’s when you think of all the things that make you happy.”

“The UPG is helping too!” Lorenzo said. “We’ve started all sorts of new ministries to make sure people are safe and happy while we’re all stuck inside.” 

“Some of us are making phone calls, and others are writing letters!” Camryn added. “There’s online hang outs too, just like we’re doing right now.”

“We should do something special for Sally though,” Squidy concluded, and Hairy nodded in agreement.

“It’s settled then,” Paige said, reviewing her notes. “I’ll make a list of likely egg-hiding suspects, Beth and Jonathan will continue their eggs finding missions, and the rest of us will brainstorm ways to cheer Sad Sally up.”

“We can start by saying a prayer!” Morgan said. “We can pray for Sally and everyone else in our community that is feeling sad or bored or pent up!”

“Prayer is a great place to start,” Peyton said happily, and the Eggquisition did just that.


What do you do when your friend is upset? What do you do when YOU’RE upset?

Who do you think might be an egg-hiding suspect?

What do you think James means when he asks “Suppose you see someone with no food or clothing and don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?”. How does this question apply to the Eggquisition?

POST your answers below (or on our Facebook page!) and we’ll incorporate your thoughts and ideas into the next episodes!


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