Hairy's Easter Aid!

Our new youth series is an episodic adventure featuring the Easter Bunny's visit to the UPG! Input and ideas from the comments section will determine the future of Hairy's adventures! Make sure to add your thoughts in the comments. Special thanks to Diane Horoschock for today's illustration!


"Join in the chorus, you desert towns; let the villages rejoice! Let the people sing for joy; shout praises from the mountaintops!"

- Isaiah 42:11

It was a quiet morning a few days after Easter when Ms. Ritchie encountered Hairy on her morning walk. 

“What’s the matter, Hairy?” Ms. Ritchie asked, but Hairy just hung his head and shook his floppy bunny ears. Ms. Ritchie doesn’t speak Buneese, so she couldn’t possibly have known what was wrong with the poor rabbit. She decided to bring Hairy home with her, give him some breakfast, and see what her son James could make of the situation.

Fortunately James understood what was wrong right away! “Isn’t it obvious, Mom?” James asked as Hairy munched sadly on a crunchy piece of toast. “He’s an Easter bunny, but Easter is over. It’s only natural for him to be blue.”

Hairy was amazed. He couldn’t believe that James understood how he felt, even though he didn’t speak a word of Buneese!

“You shouldn’t feel blue about that, Hairy!” Ms. Ritchie said. “Haven’t you heard of Eastertide?”

Hairy’s ears perked up. He liked any word that included “Easter”!

“There’s Easter Sunday of course,” James’s mom continued, “But there’s also the Easter season. And that lasts from Easter Day to the Day of Pentecost, way off on the last day of May!”

Hairy couldn’t believe this new information! Why had no one told him before?! Why weren’t people out there shouting Easter praises right now? He hopped around the kitchen so hard that Ms. Ritchie was afraid her fine china would shatter to the floor.