Hairy Returns!

You didn't think Hairy was gone forever, did you? He's back for a new round of Pentecost adventures!

Make sure to read up on your Hair-story before jumping in!

Special thanks to Diane Horoschock for today's illustration!



“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically! Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

- Romans 12:11-12

As our faithful readers know: we last left Hairy hatching a plan with the Eggquisition to cheer up Sad Sally.

The plan, of course, involved a lot of candy (this is the Easter bunny we’re talking about). Hairy had an exclusive contract with a candy store right here in Bethlehem.

Wouldn't you know that very same candy store employed the grumpy, miserly Rudolf Tooldolf? Mr. Tooldolf, of course, is the young adult who hates children even though he works in a candy store.

Not even Hairy liked to be around Rudolf.

“What’s it this time, Mr. Hare?” Rudolf said gruffly. “More chocolate eggs? They’re on sale. Easter’s over.”

Hairy and you and I know Easter is never really over, but the rabbit ignored him and looked about the store for a gift for Sally.

Then Hairy found something very suspicious. Wedged between the licorice ropes and the jelly bean display… was an egg! Not a candy egg, or a nest egg, but an Easter egg! It was bright pink with royal purple polka dots.

Hairy turned in surprise. Behind him, tucked under a large collection of toffee chews… another egg! Now that he was looking, Hairy could spot eggs hidden everywhere! Lodged in a barrel of gummy bears! Nestled in a batch of cotton candy! Taped to the ceiling fan!

Hairy frantically pointed out the eggs to Rudolf, who rolled his eyes in disgust. “That kid must be in here again!” He said, stomping along the aisles. “I told him, he’s banned!”

Hairy gestured desperately in Bunneese. Fortunately, Rudolf had an uncle who was a bunny, so he knew a little of the language. “I don’t know what he looks like!” Rudolf replied with a shout. “All these muddy-fingered, snot-nosed, bowl-cut brats look the same to me! If I had my way, they’d all be -- HEY!” Rudolf shouted as he pulled an egg hidden in his hat.

The front door jingled! Somebody was sneaking out!

In one great bound, Hairy was out the front door and hopping down the street. He was hot on the trail of the mysterious child. The kid darted behind trash cans and under benches, and cut down an alleyway into the park.

Hairy grabbed his commun-egg-cator from his pocket and hit the “alert” button.

Lucky for him! The Eggquisition were all nearby, in that same park! They were playing a socially distanced game of Find It when they got the alert. They looked up and saw Hairy hopping madly toward a wooded path!

“Hurry!” Squidy cried, springing into action.

“Go!” Beth and Jonathan shouted, hopping on their bikes.

“Run!” Camryn and the Sisters cried. They were all off, chasing the bunny who was chasing the mysterious egg hider.

The kid gave the Eggquisition the chase of their life! Through streams! Under tunnels! Over the bridge straight into South Bethlehem! Just when they couldn’t run another yard, the trace stopped cold… right at the front door of Sad Sally’s house!

“It can’t be,” Sophie shouted, shocked.

“No way could Sally be the egg hider,” Morgan added.

Hairy wasn’t hopping to any conclusions. He rang the doorbell and after a moment Sally answered.

“Hello everybody!” She exclaimed. She had a huge grin on her face.

“Sally,” Peyton said, “you don’t look sad at all!”

“How could I be?” Sally answered. “I’ve received the most wonderful present! Look!”

Sally pointed to her front yard. Hidden among the bushes and under the porch and in the mailbox were no less than three dozen eggs, all waiting to be found!

"Then you’re not the egg hider we’ve been tracking all month?” Paige asked.

“No,” Sally said, “but I know who is!”

Sally stepped aside. And do you know who was standing right behind her?

I’ll give you some time to figure it out!


What can we do for our friends when they're sad?

Who do you think is the egg-hider?! We'll find out next chapter!

What do you think St. Paul means by "confident hope"? How can we put a little more confident hope in our own lives?

Who do you think might be an egg-hiding suspect?

POST your answers below (or on our Facebook page!) and we’ll incorporate your thoughts and ideas into the next episodes!


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