Hairy Returns!

You didn't think Hairy was gone forever, did you? He's back for a new round of Pentecost adventures!

Make sure to read up on your Hair-story before jumping in!

Special thanks to Diane Horoschock for today's illustration!


“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically! Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

- Romans 12:11-12

As our faithful readers know: we last left Hairy hatching a plan with the Eggquisition to cheer up Sad Sally.

The plan, of course, involved a lot of candy (this is the Easter bunny we’re talking about). Hairy had an exclusive contract with a candy store right here in Bethlehem.

Wouldn't you know that very same candy store employed the grumpy, miserly Rudolf Tooldolf? Mr. Tooldolf, of course, is the young adult who hates children even though he works in a candy store.

Not even Hairy liked to be around Rudolf.

“What’s it this time, Mr. Hare?” Rudolf said gruffly. “More chocolate eggs? They’re on sale. Easter’s over.”

Hairy and you and I know Easter is never really over, but the rabbit ignored him and looked about the store for a gift for Sally.

Then Hairy found something very suspicious. Wedged between the licorice ropes and the jelly bean display… was an egg! Not a candy egg, or a nest egg, but an Easter egg! It was bright pink with royal purple polka dots.

Hairy turned in surprise. Behind him, tucked under a large collection of toffee chews… another egg! Now that he was looking, Hairy could spot eggs hidden everywhere! Lodged in a barrel of gummy bears! Nestled in a batch of cotton candy! Taped to