Easter Eve with Hairy Hare

Our new youth series is an episodic adventure featuring the Easter Bunny's visit to the UPG! Input and ideas from the comments section will determine the future of Hairy's adventures! Make sure to add your thoughts in the comments.

Special thanks to Diane Horoschock for illustrating Hairy in today's post!


Hairy’s Easter Egg Hurrah

“All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it!”

- 1 Corinthians 12:27

Hairy had no time to spare on Easter Eve. It is, after all, the biggest day of his year. The moment he left Randall’s home he went into full leap down the sidewalk and into a nearby park.

Most people don’t know this, but the Easter Bunny’s Hare Quarters is right here in Pennsylvania! I can’t tell you where exactly, but it’s certainly nearby, and if Hairy ever needed to get back home, all he had to do was jump into one of his hidden rabbit holes and slide down the tunnel back to H.H.Q. (Which, of course, stands for Hare Head Quarters).

Before you could say “hippity-hop” Hairy was back home in his secret burrow deep under the state of Pennsylvania.

The command center was filled with computer screens to watch the egg-hiding operation around the world. Bunny butlers hopped to and fro. Candy was everywhere!

Do YOU know how Hairy gets all those eggs hid on the night before Easter? I’m sure you know he can’t do it all by himself. He enlists the help of parents and older siblings of course, but that’s not all the help he has. In Hairy’s employ are no less than 8000 chickens and 15000 task rabbits! How else do you think those eggs are laid? How else do you think they’re hidden?

One of those rabbits hopped straight up to Hairy and delivered some terrible news. (They were speaking Buneese, of course, but I’ll interpret for us humans.)

“Mr. Hare,” the rabbit cried, “terrible news!”

“What can it be?” Hairy cried, “Surely all the eggs will be hidden in time?”

“That’s just the thing!” the task rabbit cried! “We have all the eggs hidden in Africa and Europe. Asia and Australia are both on schedule. As for America, we’re 99.999% complete in our egg hiding... but we’ve run into a local problem RIGHT HERE IN BETHLEHEM!”

“What are the odds?” Hairy cried!

“Very small!” the task rabbit assured him. “Our local rabbits have come down with a bad case of Hopping Fever!”

Hopping Fever is a type of allergy that can only be caught by bunnies, rabbits, and hares. It’s not dangerous. Any other day of the year a rabbit would be pleased as punch to catch a case and go hopping around town for hours on end! But on Easter Eve? What a disaster!

Hairy began to panic. “We’ll never get the Bethlehem eggs hidden in time!” Hairy cried. “I spent all day carefully charting our routes! Months collecting the inventory! Years without a problem!”

It seemed like all hope was lost when a new voice came in over the supercomputer specializing in Electronic Access to Rabbit-Related Situations (E.A.R.R.S. for short.) “Hello, hello?” a staticy voice called. “Mr. Hare?”

Hairy reached for the video screen. Who do you think was there? “Sir Squidy Joeson, reporting for duty!” 

It was an emergency gathering of the Eggquisition of course! Hairy couldn’t have been happier! He hopped up and down the Burrow and pumped his fists in the air in glee.

The Sister Sisters connected to the feed. “A little chicken told us you needed some help!” Paige said heroically. “Literally!” They turned to point to one of Hairy’s chickens hanging out on their living room couch. Evidently she pecked her way over to the Sisters’ house to sound the alarm!

“We’ve got a full map of Bethlehem right here, Mr. Hare,” Peyton added. “We’ll get those eggs hidden. There’s enough rabbits left to drop those eggs off if we can tell them where to go!”

And that’s just what they did! Squidy and the Sister Sisters consulted their notes and directed the remaining rabbits where to go.

Some more friends hopped online to provide some pro-tips.

“The Elteriches will need at least eight more eggs hidden on their front lawn,” Beth said, jumping on with her big sister Melissa (who was an expert egg-hider herself.)

“Don’t forget Mr. Richard expects an egg in each of his shoes!” Melissa added.

“And don’t forget Pastor Tom and Beekay!” Johnathan chimed in from his home. “They’ll need about twenty eggs each!”

“Stick one in their microwave!” Morgan added when she was electronically connected.

Hairy couldn’t have been hoppier! He hopped around dancing for joy. The Eggquisition had saved the day!

“We’ll have to celebrate when we can all be together in person!” Johnathan said when they were just about done.

“Let’s go to the movies!” Morgan suggested.

“Maybe some hayrides!” Beth dreamed.

“Are you kidding me?!” Melissa interrupted, “You can’t bring Hairy on a hayride! He’ll eat all the hay!”

Having accomplished his mission for the 319th year in a row, Hairy prayed and gave thanks for a long time. 

It might seem silly, a bunny praying, especially if it’s a six foot tall magic bunny. But the bible teaches us that all things glorify God… not just you and I. 

A psalmist once sang to God, “all the earth worships you and sings praises to you and your name!”

When John saw his vision, he heard “every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea singing:

‘Blessing and honor and glory and power Be to God and the Lamb forever, Amen!’”

And we can’t forget Hairy’s favorite song, written by a fellow named Francis who lived long ago and preached to sparrows and pigeons:

“All praise be yours through Brother Wolf! All praise be yours through Sister Whale! By Nature’s song my God is praised! Through Cousin Carrot, Comrade Kale! Through Bestie Tiger, Schoolmate Seal! Through Mr. Flower, Mrs. Tree. Let creatures all give thanks to thee! All praise the Trinity!”

And if everything on earth sings God’s praises, I hope a storybook hare can too!


- Hairy was able to finish hiding all the eggs before Easter thanks to the last-minute help of the Eggquisition! What does that tell us about Paul’s idea of “Christ’s body”?

- What would YOU pray for if you were a rabbit? What do you pray about now?

- POST your answers below or on our Facebook page and we’ll incorporate your thoughts and ideas into the next episodes!


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