Creation proclaims "Sunday's Here!"

Reflection for Monday 13 April 2020

Pastor Suzanne Trump

Every time I have been outside, whether for a walk or just to get some fresh air, I notice how green and lush the grass has become. Daffodils are blooming along with hyacinths and tulips. Trees are flowering and it won’t be long until the leaves pop out. It seems as if this is all happening a bit earlier this year. The winter was relatively mild and so far, spring has seemed warmer than usual.

It lifts my spirits to see all the colors popping all around us as if nature is putting on a show just for us. Perhaps this is God’s way of reminding us that no matter what happens, life goes on. God is reminding us that control still rests with God and God has our backs. There weren’t many flowers in church yesterday but then again most of us weren’t there either. Instead God placed the beauty of creation where we all could see it.

Most years we hear talk about Easter being early or late as if Easter is never on time. This year I didn’t hear one comment about the timing of Easter. I suspect we all had bigger concerns. And yet, we are now in the Easter season just as creation is putting on a show before us. Coincidence? I think not, I think it is God’s plan to remind us that no matter what is going on in the world and in our lives, God has the last word. Nothing could stop the tomb from being empty yesterday! Jesus Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

May the beauty of creation comfort and sustain you. May the flowers, and trees, and, even the green grass remind you that our God is present. That our confidence and hope in the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is stronger than ever. Sunday’s here, forever!

In Peace,

Pastor Suzanne


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