Pastor Jerry's Advent Challenge

to the people of the UPG!

December 15 - December 22

Share the gift of "PRESENCE"

3.  For my Facebook friends, or for people who utilize social media.  Let's fill social media this week with messages of God's presence within the world in which we live..  Point to those people, places, things you bear witness to which remind you that God is absolutely, positively present in the world in which we live. Then ask your friends to "Go and Tell" others about the places in which they see God at work in the world.


4.  If you don't use social media, have a friend or two over for tea and conversation. Share with them that in the busyness of the season, you simply wanted to slow down and spend time with them. Then ask them about the places and events in which they see God at work in the world around them. Invite them to "Go and tell" others about what they see. 

Some suggested readings on "Presence."


Monday's Reading                      Exodus 15:1-18

Tuesday's Reading                      Psalm 121

Wednesday's Reading               Acts 4:23-31

Thursday's Reading                    Mark 7:24-30

Friday's Reading                           Matthew 28:16-20 

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