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This week in the UPG

Sunday June 26 3rd Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 AM Worship Video available Here and on Facebook

9:00 AM Worship at Light of Christ

10:00 AM Worship Minister Meeting

Monday June 27

Tuesday June 28

8:00 AM Men’s Breakfast at The Palace Restaurant

Wednesday June 29

7:00 AM Fellowship Group on Zoom

9:00 AM Wednesday Morning Ladies Group at LoC

7:00 PM Striders at Sand Island/Tow Path

Thursday June 30


Friday July 1

Saturday July 2

5:00 PM Worship at St. Peter’s with Live Steam on  Facebook

Sunday June 10th Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 AM Worship Video available Here and on Facebook

9:00 AM Worship at St. John's Windish

Worship in the Park and Picnic

Save the Date! Worship in the Park - August 7th at 10:30 AM - Bethlehem Township Municipal Park. Please mark your calendars now and be present for worship, a picnic and fellowship with our friends from the UPG and SJW. Worship will be held at STP on Saturday, August 6th, at 5 pm but not on Sunday. Watch for more information.


Worship Ministers Information Meetings

Following worship on June 26th and July 31, we will hold two informal meetings to discuss ways to combine our three campuses' traditions and create a new worship minister experience for our new community of faith! We want YOUR input on what our assisting ministers, communion assistants, ushers, acolytes, and lectors should do. All worship ministers, members of the Worship and Music Committee, and all members of our congregations are welcome to attend!

       Here are some questions to consider and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting


May 14, 2022 First Responders Appreciation
Thank you to all who helped

We give a huge thank you to everyone who helped with our First Responders Appreciation Breakfast/Luncheon! The depth of everyone's support for this event was overwhelming, from the donation of food, beverages, and time to serve. Throughout the day, we had 23 volunteers who served 35 first responders. Volunteers also delivered food to some stations where the first responders weren't able to join us at the church so that everyone could be included! Volunteers greeted each first responder with cheers and a standing ovation for their service to our community. An added thank you goes out to Thrivent for generously giving us an Action Team to help defray costs. This heart-warming event wouldn't be a success without all of your support! Thank you!


May 30, 2020 - "Path to Unity"

Leadership Retreat

On May 30 Leaders of the United Proclamation of the Gospel Parish and St. John's Windish Lutheran Church met to explore the path to uniting our communities of faith. From the UPG side this action was based on the December 2019 vote at Congregation Meetings to enter into a Parish Agreement. Here is an excerpt from the cover letter announcing this vote:

If a "Yes" vote is cast in this process, the voter is sharing her/his desire to continue

in our current arrangement with an understanding that the leadership of the UPG will be guided by the visioning report (dated Feb. 12, 2019). This report expressed a desire, at some point in the future, to create a single congregation.

The people of the United Proclamation of the Gospel Parish voted 133 in favor of moving forward with only 4 opposition votes.

You can read the minutes of this retreat hereWe will need many members to help in the planning process. Please consider helping according to your interests when the call comes.

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