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This week in the UPG

Sunday January 16 Baptism of Our Lord (Observed)

8:00 AM Worship Video available Here and on Facebook

Monday January 17

Tuesday January 18

9:00 AM Staff Meeting on Zoom

7:00 PM Joint Council on Zoom

Wednesday January 19

Thursday January 20

7:00 PM Transition Team on Zoom

Friday January 21

Pastor Suzanne's day off

Saturday January 22

5:00 PM Live stream worship on Facebook

Sunday January 23 2nd Sunday after Epiphany (Observed)

8:00 AM Worship Video available Here and on Facebook

9:30 AM Bible Study on Zoom


Coffee and Conversation Returns!

Since we are unable to gather for coffee and worship, we encourage you to join the livestream worship on Saturday afternoons or Sunday morning for the recorded worship.  Once again, we will host a coffee and conversation on Monday nights at 7 pm for an opportunity to connect with each other while remaining safe via zoom.  No set discussion, no set beverage required, join us as you are able, and share in some fellowship.


February 27, 2022

The Joint Congregation Councils and the Transition Team have called a Town Hall meeting to receive and discuss proposals for the uniting of Light of Christ, St. Peter's and St. John's Windish Churches. We are preparing answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this process. Here are the first FAQs:

Q: When and where will this meeting take place?
A: February 27, 2022 at St Peter's after 10:30 worship.

Q: Who are invited to take part in this meeting?
A: All members of the three communities of faith. This will be the only meeting for all three.

Q: What will happen at this meeting?
A: The Transition Team will present the most recent sub-committee reports and recommendations and will encourage questions and discussion.

Q: What will happen after the Town Hall meeting?

  • The Transition Team will review and compile all of the questions, concerns, and discussion and incorporate them into final sub-committee reports.

  • A date will be selected for all three congregations to have separate congregation meetings to vote on the proposal to unite the three communities of faith (congregations) into one community of faith. Each congregation will need to vote separately, but ideally at the same time and on the same date as the other congregations.

Q: Will there be a provision for offsite voting (shut-ins,etc) when we vote to combine the three churches?
A: No. The constitutions of LoC, St P, and SJW do not allow this. Only in-person votes by active members are permitted per the church constitutions.

May 30, 2020 - "Path to Unity"

Leadership Retreat

On May 30 Leaders of the United Proclamation of the Gospel Parish and St. John's Windish Lutheran Church met to explore the path to uniting our communities of faith. From the UPG side this action was based on the December 2019 vote at Congregation Meetings to enter into a Parish Agreement. Here is an excerpt from the cover letter announcing this vote:

If a "Yes" vote is cast in this process, the voter is sharing her/his desire to continue

in our current arrangement with an understanding that the leadership of the UPG will be guided by the visioning report (dated Feb. 12, 2019). This report expressed a desire, at some point in the future, to create a single congregation.

The people of the United Proclamation of the Gospel Parish voted 133 in favor of moving forward with only 4 opposition votes.

You can read the minutes of this retreat hereWe will need many members to help in the planning process. Please consider helping according to your interests when the call comes.

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