This week in the UPG

Saturday March 14

5:00 PM Worship (LoC) 

7:30-9 PM PGHI (St. P)

Sunday March 15 Third Sunday in Lent

8:45 AM Worship (St. P) 

Sunday School is suspended due to coronavirus  

11:00 AM Worship (LoC)  

3-6:00 PM PGHI (St. P)

4:30 PM UPG Youth Group (LoC)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

Monday March 16

6:30PM Crafters’ Group (St. P UCF)
Tuesday March 17

8:00 AM Staff Meeting (LoC)
9:30AM Women’s Bible Study (St. P)
7:00 PM Church Council (St. P Social Rm)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

Wednesday March 18

6:30AM Fellowship Study (St.P)
9:00 AM Christian serv. (LoC)
Noon Lenten worship (LoC)
1-4:00 PM AARP Tax Counseling (St. P)
6:00 PM Lenten worship (St. P)
7:00 PM Choir (St. P)

7:30 PM Choir (LoC)

Thursday March 19

9:00 AM Bible Study (LoC)

5-9:00 PM Champ Force Cheer (St. P gym)

6:30 PM Bible Study (LoC)

7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous (LoC)
7:30 PM PGHI Worship (St. P)

Friday March 20

6:00 PM LVCCC Worship (St. P) 

6:30-9:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC library)

8:30-10:30PM PGHI (St. P)

Saturday March 21

10-4:00 PM NA Board Mtg (LoC)

5:00 PM Worship (LoC) 

7:30-9 PM PGHI (St. P)

Sunday March 22 Fourth Sunday in Lent

8:45 AM Worship (LoC)

9:30 AM Sunday School (LoC) (Might be suspended)
11:00 AM Worship (LoC)
 3:00-6:00 PM PGHI (St. P)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

April 16 - Bishop Zeiser Visits the UPG

Bishop Samuel Zeiser of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod visited the UPG at a joint worship celebration on February 16 at the Light of Christ Campus. The bishop is retiring this summer. The children sang some songs, Bishop Zeiser spoke to the children and the whole congregation. On behalf of the UPG Pastor Jerry gave the bishop a letter indicating that 

we had made a donation in his honor to the ELCA Fund for leaders, which helps pay for the education of future professional leaders of the church. Following worship we had a light lunch and cake reception for Bishop Zeiser. 

For more pictures visit our Photo Gallery. You can also find a video of part of our worship on the Publications page.


See Bishop Zeiser's followup letter here.

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