This week in the UPG

Saturday January 18

8:00 AM Property Maint. (St. P)

10-4:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous Board Mtg (LoC)

5:00 PM Worship (LoC) 

7:30-9 PM PGHI (St. P)

Sunday January 19 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

8:45 AM Worship (St. P)
9:30 AM Sunday School (LoC)
11:00 AM Worship (LoC)

3-5:00 PM 46ers Event (St. P)
4-10:00 PM Youth Group (St. P)
4-7:00 PM Organist Guild recital & Potluck
dinner (LOC Fellowship Hall)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC - Upstairs Youth Room)

Monday January 20

Martin Luther King Day—Church offices closed
11:30-1:00 PM Lehigh MLK Day (St. P)
6:30 PM Crafters’ Group (St. P—UCF)

Tuesday January 21

8:00 AM Staff Meeting (St. P)
9:30 AM Women’s Bible Study (St. P)
7:00 PM Church Council (St. P)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

Wednesday January 22

6:30AM Fellowship Study (St.P)
9AM Christian serv. (LoC)
6:30PM Holden Evening Prayer (St.P)

7:00PM Choir (St. P)

7:30PM Choir (LoC)

Thursday January 23

9:00 AM Bible Study (LoC)


7:00 PM Worship & Music (St. P)
7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous (LoC)
7:30 PM PGHI Worship (St. P)

Friday January 24

6:00 PM LVCCC Worship (St. P) 

Saturday January 25

5:00 PM Worship (LoC) 

7:30-10 PM PGHI (St. P)

Sunday January 26 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Celebration of formation of UPG parish

9:30 AM Joint Worship (St. P) followed by refreshments and Town Hall
3-6:00 PM PGHI (St. P)
6:00 PM Confirmation Ed. (lOc)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC - Upstairs Youth Room)

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