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This week in the UPG

Saturday March 14

5:00 PM Worship (LoC) 

7:30-9 PM PGHI (St. P)

Sunday March 15 Third Sunday in Lent

8:45 AM Worship (St. P) 

Sunday School is suspended due to coronavirus  

11:00 AM Worship (LoC)  

3-6:00 PM PGHI (St. P)

4:30 PM UPG Youth Group (LoC)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

Monday March 16

6:30PM Crafters’ Group (St. P UCF)
Tuesday March 17

8:00 AM Staff Meeting (LoC)
9:30AM Women’s Bible Study (St. P)
7:00 PM Church Council (St. P Social Rm)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

Wednesday March 18

6:30AM Fellowship Study (St.P)
9:00 AM Christian serv. (LoC)
Noon Lenten worship (LoC)
1-4:00 PM AARP Tax Counseling (St. P)
6:00 PM Lenten worship (St. P)
7:00 PM Choir (St. P)

7:30 PM Choir (LoC)

Thursday March 19

9:00 AM Bible Study (LoC)

5-9:00 PM Champ Force Cheer (St. P gym)

6:30 PM Bible Study (LoC)

7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous (LoC)
7:30 PM PGHI Worship (St. P)

Friday March 20

6:00 PM LVCCC Worship (St. P) 

6:30-9:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC library)

8:30-10:30PM PGHI (St. P)

Saturday March 21

10-4:00 PM NA Board Mtg (LoC)

5:00 PM Worship (LoC) 

7:30-9 PM PGHI (St. P)

Sunday March 22 Fourth Sunday in Lent

8:45 AM Worship (LoC)

9:30 AM Sunday School (LoC) (Might be suspended)
11:00 AM Worship (LoC)
 3:00-6:00 PM PGHI (St. P)

7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (LoC)

During the pandemic we are not maintaining this section.

Please see our Coronavirus Response page for current information


Golf Outing is Canceled

The Frank J. Scheck Memorial Golf Outing scheduled for 8:00 AM, August 20, 2020,  at Whitetail Golf Course, has been cancelled.  The golf committee felt that with the uncertainty of the covid -19 pandemic, moving forward with the outing, at this time, would not be in the best interest of all involved.

The committee plans to resume the outing on Saturday, June 19, 2021.  Please save the date!

For now, wash your hands, wear a mask and social distance! Stay safe!

May 30, 2020 - "Path to Unity"

Leadership Retreat

On May 30 Leaders of the United Proclamation of the Gospel Parish and St. John's Windish Lutheran Church met to explore the path to uniting our communities of faith. From the UPG side this action was based on the December 2019 vote at Congregation Meetings to enter into a Parish Agreement. Here is an excerpt from the cover letter announcing this vote:

If a "Yes" vote is cast in this process, the voter is sharing her/his desire to continue

in our current arrangement with an understanding that the leadership of the UPG will be guided by the visioning report (dated Feb. 12, 2019). This report expressed a desire, at some point in the future, to create a single congregation.

The people of the United Proclamation of the Gospel Parish voted 133 in favor of moving forward with only 4 opposition votes.

You can read the minutes of this retreat hereWe will need many members to help in the planning process. Please consider helping according to your interests when the call comes.


Light of Christ Lutheran Church - 2020 Worthington Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18017 - (610) 691 2321

St. Peter's Lutheran Church - 474 Vine St, Bethlehem, PA 18015 - (610) 867 0519

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