Breaking News: March 27, 2022. The three congregations have voted to approve their "blending" into one congregation. We pray that God will continue to guide us on our journey.

Welcome to The United Proclamation of the Gospel

December 24 - Christmas Eve - The Nativity of Our Lord

Christmas Worship

December 24 - Christmas Eve - The Nativity of Our Lord

3:00 PM - St. Peter's - Worship with Holy Communion

6:00 PM - St. John's Windish - Worship

8:00 PM - Light of Christ - Worship with Holy Communion

December 25 - Christmas Day - The Nativity of Our Lord

10:00 AM - Light of Christ - Service of Lessons and Carols

Proclaiming God's love

One heart at a time!

Heading 3

The UPG is a partnership of Lutheran congregations in Bethlehem proclaiming God's love one heart at a time.

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Worship Schedule

Weekly Worship

Upcoming Special Events

Saturday - 5:00 PM In person and Live Stream at St. Peter's every Saturday

Sunday - 9:15 AM


Sunday School - 8:30 AM

Worship and Sunday School location:               

           November - St. Peter's 

           December - Light of Christ 

            Locations, Contacts and Map

Beginning Sunday AM - Recording of Saturday Livestream: This site    

December 4, 10:30 AM - Card Signing and                      Lunch
December 4, 10:30 AM - St. Peter's semi-                         annual Congregation Meeting at Light of             Christ
December 4, 3:00 PM -
Organ Recital at St.                  Peter's 

December 7 - Christmas Ingathering.
 See info here

December 11 - Pantry Sunday
December 11, 10:30 AM - Light of Christ semi-               annual Congregation Meeting 
December 11, 11:00 AM - St. John's Windish                     special Congregation Meeting

What's New?

Carol Dean Henn's "Meditations" for November was a reflection on "Jesus and Politics." You can still see the complete document here.

GWOH and SAM is now BAM -

Blessed Angels in Ministry

The Path to Unity, On November 19 & 20, the Unity Team presented a recap of their November 13 meeting, and the Joint Council presented highlights of their responses to Unity Team recommendations. Just click the above link.

In-Person Worship now at St. Peter's
every Saturday at 5:00 PM. This worship is
also live streamed on Facebook

“God loves us beyond comprehension, and we cannot diminish Divine love.”

Due to the current increase in infection rates, we are now recommending that masks should be worn during all in-person activities. Windows will also remain open during worship services,
so be prepared for cooler temperature.

Sunday Adult Bible Study Returns

UPG (including St. John's Windish) Master Calendar is now online!

Presiding Bishop's December Article:

God is With Us

We are becoming
Blessed Trinity Lutheran Church

Meditations for youth and adults

© 2022 Carol Dean Henn 

St. John's Windish Lutheran Church

Used with permission

Sun Dec 04 2022



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